Park51 -On the Ground Zero Mosque

The religion of Peace

Builds a mosque


and there is shouting and noise


A pile of bones, roughly rectangular in shape

not quite linear

looming over a street

where men and women once fled

billowing clouds of dust and rubble

on a day

of shouting and noise


A bone white tower

Replacement for knocked out teeth of America

broken with the fist

of the religion of peace


Here, we will learn tolerance

where rubble bounced

and windows shattered


for a religion that chases to our shores

critics as refugees from thuggery



for a religion that murders film makers who document it

and journalists who write about it

and activists who try to help feed it’s hungry

and doctors who would care for it’s sick

and the mothers who give birth to it’s children


Let me then learn tolerance in this great stack of bleached bones

piled high near the gaping wound of my country

I who have seen men die fighting men who cry allahu akbar

who serve children to their parents on platters

let me learn tolerance from them


Philip Kennicott says to be awed by

technological power harnessed

like a symphony of Beethoven

in this skeletal refrigerator which will loom over us intolerant many

built by the tolerant few

who know better than we

that this is the religion of peace


~ by Jubal Biggs on October 13, 2010.

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