Obama Lied About Afghanistan

Wikileaks is all over the metamedia now. Everybody knows that thousands of secret documents were illicitly downloaded by somebody (probably Army Intel Pfc. Bradley Manning), and then illegally handed over to a rabidly America-hating progressive who operates Wikileaks out of Denmark.

Julian Assange, the guy who runs Wikileaks has said that he splashes the internet with classified information provided to him by various “traitors” or “whistleblowers” (depending on who you talk to) because he’s worried about the poor, innocent Afghanis who are caught up in the war over there and often end up as “collateral damage”. He wants to stop the war so people stop dying. Very admirable, but Mr. Assange doesn’t seem to mind the fact that he has leaked the names of probably thousands of Afghanis who have given the US Army information; which allows the Taliban to target them -which means he has as good as killed those guys in very nasty ways. I guess they are acceptable “collateral damage”. Can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, right? (I have operated in a combat area in the Middle East. In the West Bank, most of the intel the IDF uses is handed to them by Palestinians who don’t like the terrorists but are too scared to stand up in public. I know for a fact that people get beheaded, acid poured on them, lynched, tortured, and their children killed if their names are outed. I imagine it is similar in Afghanistan.)

Now Everybody knows all of this, right? Nothing new. This isn’t the “Pentagon Papers” that demonstrated that President Johnson was lying about our strategy in Vietnam, right? If anything, it shows us what we already know.

Wrong. The documents demonstrate that Obama lied about Afghanistan. Here is part of President Obama’s speech on Dec. 01, 2009, at West Point Academy.

“…we will act with the full recognition that our success in Afghanistan is inextricably linked to our partnership with Pakistan.

“In the past, there have been those in Pakistan who’ve argued that the struggle against extremism is not their fight, and that Pakistan is better off doing little or seeking accommodation with those who use violence.  But in recent years, as innocents have been killed from Karachi to Islamabad, it has become clear that it is the Pakistani people who are the most endangered by extremism.  Public opinion has turned.  The Pakistani army has waged an offensive in Swat and South Waziristan.  And there is no doubt that the United States and Pakistan share a common enemy.

“In the past, we too often defined our relationship with Pakistan narrowly.  Those days are over.  Moving forward, we are committed to a partnership with Pakistan that is built on a foundation of mutual interest, mutual respect, and mutual trust. We will strengthen Pakistan’s capacity to target those groups that threaten our countries, and have made it clear that we cannot tolerate a safe haven for terrorists whose location is known and whose intentions are clear.  America is also providing substantial resources to support Pakistan’s democracy and development.  We are the largest international supporter for those Pakistanis displaced by the fighting.  And going forward, the Pakistan people must know America will remain a strong supporter of Pakistan’s security and prosperity long after the guns have fallen silent, so that the great potential of its people can be unleashed.

“These are the three core elements of our strategy:  a military effort to create the conditions for a transition; a civilian surge that reinforces positive action; and an effective partnership with Pakistan.

He lied when he said public opinion in Pakistan had “turned” toward supporting our war effort. It had not. He lied when he said our success is linked to our partnership with Pakistan. We do not, functionally, have a partnership with Pakistan. He lied when he said it is clear that Pakistan and the U.S. have a common enemy. It is not clear, and Pakistan does not act like it has a common enemy with us. In fact, they were the chief supporters of the Taliban before we toppled them, and, strangely enough, are the chief supporters of the Taliban today.

This article is a good background on Pakistan’s relationship with the Taliban.

Obama lied as well, by the way, when he said the U.S. will be a supporter of Pakistan long after the guns fall silent. Because we share no strategic goals, have no common enemy, and want very different things in South Asia, this is obviously not going to happen, just as we cut Pakistan off after the Cold War because they had been temporarily useful in opposing the USSR, but were a liability as an Islamist-nationalist state that supported radical Jihadi groups.

The wikileaks documents don’t necessarily show us things that people have not been saying (I’ve been saying this about Pakistan for years, and complained about how Bush lied about Pakistan being our ally just as Obama is now). What the documents do, however, is clearly demonstrate that our “partner” (at least Obama backed away from Bush’s word; “ally”) is supporting Taliban organizations that are killing our boys in Afghanistan. They support terror organizations that conduct bombings in India (a fellow democracy). They take our foreign aid money and use it to line the pockets of senior officials and support terrorism. We are literally funding terrorism through money allocated for the war on terror!

I was struck by an article in the Economist claiming the wikileaks documents are not the Pentagon Papers that showed Johnson was lying. Why not? Is it because Obama telling the truth? No. This is not the Pentagon papers for one reason and only one reason; the left-wing Progressive establishment is not against Obama’s Afghanistan war the way they were against Johnson’s Vietnam. The lie uncovered is not of any concern to them, so there is no lie. The lie has also been grossly obvious to many of us for years, so again, there is no lie.

Sorry, Obama lied about Afghanistan. He did it before he got elected, and he is still doing it right now.


~ by Jubal Biggs on July 30, 2010.

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  1. people are stupid

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