My Pick For 2012

Here you go. Watch this video and tell me Paul Ryan couldn’t be a good President.


He has a lot more real government experience than Obama had when he ran, he knows something about economics, he is articulate, and he is the only Republican who has actually offered a credible plan to change the direction of the country. We need a change in direction, and Paul Ryan could actually do it if he gets a chance.

He also has charisma and talks to people like they are grownups, not kindergarteners (sorry Bobby Jindal). He would be better if he had executive experience, and he seems to know that; he has hinted that he may run for Governor of Wisconsin. I think that would be a mistake, since being a small state governor would pull him out of the issues that are important to the country for too long. I think Obama has changed the political paradigm. We need a real change in direction, real substance, and not just a good-looking face that doesn’t seem to stand for anything in particular (like Romney), or that doesn’t seem to face a political challenge without folding (like Palin). Ryan may have a good-looking face, but watch him destroy Obama’s health care plan right in front of him and tell me he doesn’t have substance or the heart for a real fight.

Now obviously, his “time for choosing” is not Reagan’s “time for choosing”, and he has had little opportunity to deal with foreign policy issues, but Ryan could really put forward a constructive program that could lead the Republican Party to a reawakening based on ideas and not inertia in 2012.

You will note that a few posts ago, I mentioned McCrystal’s opportunity to run for president if he wanted to, but did not say he would be a good president. I will now say that Ryan can run for president if he wants to and I am confident that he will absolutely be a good president. He’d be the best we’d had since Reagan.

Oh, and if you doubt his viability, ask the man who knows the most about Obama’s vulnerability in 2012; Barack Obama. He directly attacked Ryan by name after Ryan destroyed him in the health care conference, indicating that Obama was nervous about him and also elevating him to the president’s level instantly. (BO has done this before; remember Joe the Plumber? This time he elevated an extremely competent, intelligent, and experienced Congressman who is probably the leading light in the Republican Party. This one will not drift off after he flounders in the national spotlight.)


~ by Jubal Biggs on July 17, 2010.

One Response to “My Pick For 2012”

  1. Have to agree with you, Ryan is a rising star and one of the most viable conservative politicians right now. My concern is that our candidates need to start emerging and marketing themselves with a positive message and plan.

    I’d love to see him debate Obama… Can you imagine that on live television? Let Obama pick the topics, doesn’t matter – Ryan will thrash him as he has no bearing outside of his Statist ideology. Now that the President has exposed his true self, America will reject him and his policies.

    Nice posts here, keep up the good word!

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