Missouri and Succession; No, Rosman, You don’t “Get It”

Senate Concurrent Resolution 34 

This concurrent resolution reaffirms Missouri’s sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment and demands that the federal government stop all activities outside the scope of their constitutionally-delegated powers.

David Rosman  just posted a column on SCR-34, introduced by Jim Lembke, R-St. Louis to the Missouri State Legislature. Rosman repeats a phrase multiple times in his article. “I get it” he says, referring to the tea party anger now reflected in many state legislatures, then writes something utterly beside the point, like how the rules that allowed Democrats to ram their health care octopus down our throats had been approved by both parties. He claims the “extreme  right” is acting childishly. He claims Republicans quoting the Tenth Amendment or talking about succession in Texas are acting like “five-year olds”. He claims everything being done now by Democrats is exactly like everything done in the past by Republicans and that the issues involved in this resolution should all be decided in the federal courts and not by a state legislature.

No, Rosman, you don’t get it at all. Firstly, what is being now done in Washington is nothing like anything that anyone other than FDR has done by any party at any time. The current administration ran up more debt in one year than all other administrations in history combined, including the radical anti-constitutionalist FDR, so no, this is not a small right-wing fringe angry at popular voter repudiation. Secondly, even if it were true that Republicans had done things like ram a vast restructuring of the nation’s economy down everyone’s gullet on a completely party line vote using highly dubious parliamentary trickery, the tea party is almost as mad at Republicans as it is at Democrats. This is not a party line movement, the Constitution is NOT important only to Republicans by any means, and anybody who scraps it will hear from constituents, no matter what party they are from. Third, this resolution is absolutely and perfectly appropriate for debate, discussion, and possibly approval by the Missouri State Legislature. The issues under discussion, which affect the lives of every citizen of Missouri (and indeed, affect every American) are not only matters “for the courts”; the Constitution is a document that limits the courts as much as it limits every other branch. The legislature was supposed to be the “supreme branch” and courts were not supposed to legislate. States have the right to make claims of sovereignty against the vast, unconstitutional authority illegally claimed by the Federal Government, and to  throw out this argument without even considering it’s importance is amazingly arrogant. Finally, the resolution in question is not equivalent to talk of succession, but even if it were, states do have the right to discuss their voluntary association in this Union if they want to.

I used to wonder why progressives had never simply sought constitutional amendments that would allow them to do things like usurp legislative function from Congress and hand it to unelected regulatory agencies, or usurp authority from states and hand it to unelected agencies, or usurp property rights and hand it to unelected agencies (I detect a theme…) since it was all so blatantly illegal according to our Constitution. Then I realized; they think the Constitution is really a semi-mythical, ancient and quaint, irrelevant scrap of paper with some obscure archaeological importance and no more. They never tried to pass constitutional amendments eliminating the 10th amendment for example, or allowing an unelected body to legislate with the force of law which is not the US Congress, or allow the Federal government to have some justification for regulating education, the environment, and a host of issues that are by all means functions of state governments because they didn’t think the Constitution was important. They think people who bring it up are acting “childishly”, they laugh at people modeling themselves after the tea party that launched this nation. They never rewrote the Constitution when they had iron-clad majorities in Congress and a progressive-activist Supreme Court for two generations -thereby cementing their permanent transformation of American government because they thought they didn’t have to.

Missouri’s SCR-34 matters. It is not only a partisan issue; it opens a debate not between Republicans and Democrats but between Neo-Constitutionalists and Anti-Constitutionalists, and that is a debate progressives like Rosman flat-out lose with the American people every time.

I used to live in Blue Eye, MO, and I can tell you something about the people of that state. They are of many parties and political persuasions, but they are rather united in their distaste for interventionist technocrats regulating all aspects of their lives from a thousand miles away with no idea about how the average citizen of that state lives their life. These people; the vast majority of Missouri (and the vast majority of America) are who this resolution speaks to, and they do not appreciate being compared to “five year olds” by a snobby, holier-than thou progressive like David Rosman. His scorn and the people like him are just fanning the flames of voter heartburn as they realize how badly they were deceived by the Democrats in 2008. His trivializing critical issues and our Constitution itself is just the last straw.

No, David, you don’t “get it”; you don’t get it at all.

Apr 16 update;

Perhaps Rosman is not a “snob” after all; he very graciously posted a link to this post. His original article can be found here; http://www.columbiamissourian.com/stories/2010/04/15/column-new-lunatic-bunch/

Score another one for the ability of the internet to enable reasonable discussion of issues.


~ by Jubal Biggs on April 15, 2010.

One Response to “Missouri and Succession; No, Rosman, You don’t “Get It””

  1. Jubal,
    I hope that ordinary folks like the two of us can help wake up our fellow Americans. Thanks for the common sense approach. Common sense is the foundation of the Constitution and exactly what is lacking in our two party system now.

    I was thinking about the Tea Party anger and realized that it is EXACTLY the same issue that drove our forefathers to fight the British. The issue is taxation without representation. While it is true that we have an elected congress they seem to take great pride in voting their own conscience rather than representing the electorate. Instead of representing the people they in fact represent the paid lobbyists.

    If I had my way we would:
    1. Force every Washington lawmaker to resign, along with their staffs.
    2. Fire every bureaucrat who regulates industries that recently employed them. For example all the Goldman Sachs execs working in the Treasury Department would have to go.
    3. Pass a constitutional amendment banning paid lobbyists from contact with elected officials.
    4. Pass a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget.
    5. Pass a constitutional amendment prohibiting deficit spending or government borrowing.
    6. Pass a constitutional amendment requiring a public vote on lawmakers compensations.
    7. Pass a constitutional amendment requiring that all elected officials live under the same rules as the rest of us. They cannot make any laws that allow them to vote themselves off Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. What’s good enough for the people, should be good enough for them.

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