Obama At Sea In Mideast

The President has honed his foreign policy strategy which consists essentially of blaming Israel for all problems in the Middle East, now he is watching the results of his strategy roll in. After a whirlwind trip to Afghanistan, where he pointed his finger at Hamid Karzai and told him to be a good boy, after a couple weeks of the administration pointing the finger at Netanyahu and telling him to be a good boy, Karzai is blaming the evil “West” of screwing up Afghani elections. Yeah, looks like that worked out pretty well there, Obama.

Apparently, nobody really takes the new President too seriously. Israel is not going to buckle, since they actually have to live with the real World consequences of doing so, rather than read about it in Newsweek. (Remember, after every single instance of Israeli concession, more violence has been perpetrated by the Palestinians.) Apparently Karzai wasn’t too impressed by Obama either. He is now blaming us (indirectly, since he is principally complaining about a UN election observer unit which we support) for tampering with Afghani elections because we “want him to be weak”. Now, I am never too adverse to criticism of the UN, but virtually the only thing it can actually do competently is observe elections, so that particular function being challenged by a guy who is trying to gain direct executive control over election observers, and is having arguments with his legislature over his powers as a Head of State is not really credible. This is even more obviously the case when you consider that everyone around Karzai considers his regime to be completely shot through with corruption.

Now why wouldn’t a guy who runs a corrupt administration where you can buy influence and who wants to tinker with elections until he’s a sure lock not listen to a US President who cut deals with executives to bail out their companies at taxpayer expense and had a million or so deceased people vote for him thanks to ACORN? I can’t think of why Karzai shouldn’t take the Chicago style politician seriously when he tells him to cut the corruption…

If you can imagine this, we could do a little exercise. Let us pretend that instead of yelling at our only real friends in the Middle East and taking pointless, hollowly laughable stands against petty, corrupt strong men who we prop up, we were to actually make a strategic calculation based on our interests in the region. What if we decided it was better to be respected (and thus; listened to!) than liked, and sided openly with the most terrifying state in the region (which also happens to be the most pro-American state in the World). We could go to any Middle Eastern leader and say “listen to us, we’re trying to help you. If you don’t you might end up listening to Israel and they use F-16s to communicate.” It’s the good cop bad cop shtick, but it works. In this parallel dimension, we would decide that we actually had a goal in this region, and systematically try to achieve it. Say, we wanted to bring stability, peace, and more democracy (just to throw something out there). We would not support Pakistan, Egypt, and other states, telling them that we simply cannot support a regime that tyrannizes its own people. We would suggest to Pakistan that they get rid of their Al Qaida problem now, or we will openly ally with India. We show Hamid Karzai how we dropped Mubarak like a hot potato and say that American support is not permanent or something to be taken for granted. He had better reform his administration or we will unfortunately have to consider him to be not democratic. Instead of literally buying off every state in the region with billions of taxpayer dollars, we would selectively support those who were the type of state we can support, and force compliance from the others using balance of power and realpolitik tactics. Would we be loved? No. We’d be called the Great Satan in some circles and an imperialist bully in others. In other words, we’d be loved exactly as much as we are right now. Would we be feared and respected? You bet your ass we would.

Now if only we could clarify our message on corruption and vote stealing a little by not electing guys who run major US corporations out of the White House, appoint tax cheats, and has their old Senate Seat sold to the highest bidder by Gov. Blagojevich…


~ by Jubal Biggs on April 2, 2010.

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