Worst. Congress. Ever.

There was a Doonesbury cartoon that came out at the end of the Bush Presidency where he was called the worst president ever, despite a rather mixed record of foreign policy achievements and failures, expansion of government and debt, mildly beneficial reforms, and a very mediocre over all performance. The comic wasn’t really funny because the bile and hate was so over the top on the part of the guy who penned it.

I wish to state that this Congress, our Republic’s 111th, is by far the Worst. Congress. Ever. (To use the text message inspired butchery of our language in which that phrase was first codified).

Why? Other than the fact that the approval rating for this Congress ranges between 10-30%, and the fact that the Congress has become the least trusted major institution of the United States government, it has passed some of the least popular, most damaging legislation of any Congress ever, and done so in record time.

The bailouts were incredibly unpopular, so the Congress plowed ahead with them, forcing them down our throats. Health Care legislation that forces everyone to deal with a government controlled system whether they want to or not and unconstitutionally requires them to purchase something even if they don’t want to was wildly unpopular, so the Congress shoved it down our collective throats as well. Cap and Trade legislation was pushed, and is now being pushed again, which will drive up costs of everything moved by road, rail or rotor, and your money was taken from you so that it could buy out GM and Chrysler, and a few Wall Street firms who just happened to be former employers of both the current and former Secretaries of the Treasury. All of this was completely out of touch with the American people, and when protests began to spontaneously erupt around the country, the protesters were denounced as racists and extremists, even though they reflected by far the majority view of the nation.

I begin to wonder if maybe we all called Congress and told them we really loved a particular bill and needed it, that might be the way to stop passage of one of these monstrous things. I go into details of Congressmen proudly proclaiming that they “hadn’t read the bill”, or showing total disdain for their constituents (like having a cell phone conversation while a constituent was trying to make a point), or not paying taxes on Bahama vacation properties while they sit on the tax authority of the nation -the Ways and Means committee, or any of a dozen other despicable examples. I think everybody knows pretty well that this Congress seems to have taken all the disdain for the common man demonstrated by the 110th, and increased it ten fold. This Congress knows what is good (or bad) for all of us and we peasants had better shut up and take it.

Now we are going to have a debate on immigration, and a debate on cap and trade again. In the second, a nation in recession is going to be forced to bleed out more money to pay for intentionally driven up prices on gas atonement for our existence as humans on this Earth paid to the gods of “the environment”. The first bill will pit the vast majority of Americans against a small group of politically correct priests who will tell us all that we must radically change the face of our nation in order to cement in power the people who are passing all these unpopular bills. The cynicism of this Congress knows no bounds. They explicitly do not believe we are smart enough to figure out that they are just creating jobs for their buddies in new Federal bureaucracies and playing cynical politics with the good of the Nation. As Joe Biden said; “You call it redistribution, I call it being fair.” Of course Joe, it’s only fair that I take from a guy who actually works because I want what is his. If you call redistribution “fairness”, what is your word for theft, huh?

I was struck by an image at the end of this atrocious health care battle. Nancy Pelosi and a few Democrats linked arms and strode forth from the Capitol, heads high as they literally ran a gauntlet of furious protesters, thousands of which had spontaneously arrived from nowhere and surrounded the building. (Usually, here in DC, we know when a major protest is forming in advance, in this case, it seemed to boil out of the air). Pelosi was proud of the fact that she was flying in the face of what the people of the country want. She got a kick out of it. The legislation was quickly branded a “victory” for Obama, which instantly begs the question; if it’s a “victory”, who was he fighting against? It wasn’t the Republicans, because they had never had even enough votes all year to even slow legislation, much less stop it. They were totally and utterly irrelevant from a parliamentary perspective. So who were the enemy he obtained a “victory” over? The people who were slowing and stopping that bill were the American people. Obama’s victory was a triumph against the American people. Pelosi’s proud victory march was a march against the will of the American people. You were defeated, not the Republicans; they have been lying in a ditch since November of 2008 when you removed them from power.

Just think about it. This Congress considers the American people its enemy and loudly trumpets its victory over them. Hubris was left behind a long time ago. Marie Antoinette would blush at Nancy Pelosi.

I have no doubt of this proposition; this is the





~ by Jubal Biggs on April 1, 2010.

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