Obama Hates Israel Because He Has To

Obama blames Israel for all the problems in the Middle East just as he blames “bankers” for all the problems of the US economy. Honestly, it’s the same thing. Political scapegoats have been used extensively by progressives in this country since the 19th century. Back in the days when socialist sympathizers could actually claim to be on some kind of a vanguard, they used to try to incite “the poor” against “the rich” who were to blame for all their problems. Apparently, Joe Biden has not learned anything in the decades of total socialist failure since then. He said yesterday; “You call it redistribution of income, I call it being fair”. Good old Joe is always reliable in telling us all what this administration really thinks.

The fact is that while the World has moved on from the boogeymen and scapegoats of socialist propaganda, with it’s absolution from any blame for your own problems and careless placement of all difficulty at the feet of “the rich”, “the bankers”, or “the Jews”, this administration has not. Not only has the Obama administration not moved on, but they really believe this stuff! Even the Daily Kos doesn’t actually believe reactionary progressivism, but the Obama White House does…

What is amazing is that Obama managed to come up through the most reactionary, backward, unreformed pro-socialist local political system in the USA, and as a product of that machine, somehow got through the historic failure of his ideology unscathed. He never saw the utter failure of centralized big government on a massive scale because he never opened his eyes.

To Obama, what he says in his speeches really is true, which is scary because what he says changes all the time. Unfortunately, the guy really believes in the boogeymen he waves before our eyes. He thinks that “greed” caused the financial crisis. He thinks that insurance companies cause all the problems in our health care industry. He thinks that Israel caused all the problems in the Middle East. Because of his true, fervent belief in the populist, reactionary rhetoric that he delivers, he has to see the World as divided into perfectly innocent, stupid and helpless masses of “victims”, and monstrously powerful, ultimately evil, corrupt bad guys who cause all the harm in the World for no reason. Bankers, Insurance executives, Wall Street people, now the Jews of Israel. Do we see a pattern here? If only all these evil people would stop screwing everything up for everybody else, the World would live “as one” (whatever that means), to borrow a Lennonism.

I do not need to argue that Israel had nothing to do with the wars between Iran and Iraq, Armenia and Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Yemen and itself, Sudan and non Muslims, Sunnis and Shiites, or any of the other conflicts that regularly rock the Middle East. Facts are irrelevant. Israel is at fault because Israel must be at fault. There has to be an obvious, sinister bad guy, and the Jews always fit that bill. Since Israel is obviously an all-powerful, evil, “selfish” power, all the problems in the Middle East obviously are their fault, and if we can just punish the conveniently obvious focus for public anger, all will resolve itself.  once we punish the bankers enough, our economy will revive, once we punish insurance executives, health care “reform” will be popular, once we punish Israel, Iraq will become peaceful, Iran will turn into our friend, and Al Qaida will have a mass conversion experience and become Buddhist.

The problem with all of this is that Obama has maintained his reactionary, populist-progressive worldview only as a cloistered member of an ivy-league subculture in the most liberally tidelocked “still pool” in American political history. He now has to maintain this worldview in spite of all the facts he is confronted with on a daily basis. The most frightening part of this whole thing is the degree to which he has managed to do so, insulated by a worshipful staff that sees him as a messianic figure. Forget about Ahmadinejad’s talk about being a precursor to the Mahdi, here is a guy who campaigned as the Mahdi himself.

Therein is the problem. Obama is so far out on a limb, that he cannot go backward now or lose face. He has learned from his health care battle that even in the face of complete rejection from the American voter, if he just persists enough with the leverage available to his office, he can force permanent changes on the country and people will accept it. He can’t back down, he cannot admit that the Palestinians are being intransigent as they always have, because they have perfectly positioned themselves as the “stupid, helpless victim” of his populist-progressive mythology. He must believe his mythology because hey, it’s gotten him this far hasn’t it? So he will scapegoat the Jews.

If any of this is giving you a creepy sensation on the back of your neck, you are not alone. This is in fact a historical pattern followed by many, many monarchs, leaders, and politicians throughout history. They rally the peasants against the “bankers” (oh hell, they used to just say “the Jews”), then they get into power on the back of populist frustration to find that the scapegoat is not really the problem at all, but they have committed themselves and can’t back down, so what the hell, a little pogrom won’t hurt anybody will it?

Obama doesn’t hate Israel because of anything it is or has done, he hates it because he has to. It is part of his world view. He has to have a bogeyman to hate or he’d be confronted with the fact that problems are more complex than campaign rhetoric. There are no little groups of evil men creating all the problems of the World, there are no masses of helpless, innocent victims utterly not at fault for anything that happens to them. Truth lies between; the victims cause many of their own problems and the people supposedly at fault do at least as much good as harm. For many politicians, this whole mythology is really just a way to justify giving themselves more power, so the “benevolent” government can save use from the bad people. For Obama, it really is true. He actually believes this stuff. That’s why he hates Israel, because he has to.


~ by Jubal Biggs on March 31, 2010.

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  1. SPN Headlines Exclusive: Joe Biden’s 3rd Grade Essay:

    “My Fu*k#ng Summer Vacation”


    Smile, God loves you! 🙂

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