Big Business or Big Government?

I thought I’d demonstrate a little fact that is not clear to people in many cases. Today an article came out claiming that the tea party should be against big business, not big government. I would like to disagree.

Today, it is often claimed that the biggest corporations are entities as large or larger than the smallest governments, making them a real threat, since their power is supposedly less restricted by accountability mechanisms. This is completely false. Size alone is meaningless. Big business, no matter how big or rich, lacks a power even the smallest government has; the ability to use force. If the CEO of a major corporation sets his business jet down on the tarmac of a small banana republic where he is wanted on some charge (even if fraudulent), he can be hauled off by the police there and locked away with whatever passes for justice in that country, even if his corporation has more employees than the state has people, and it’s profits are many times that states’ GNP.

A business, no matter how big, can only get money by asking people to buy what it sells. A government, no matter how small, gets money by demanding people give it money and using force against them if they do not comply. There can be no comparison between the immorality of a business gone bad and that of a government gone bad. Enron CEOs do bad and innocent people lose their life savings. That really sucks. Cambodia goes bad and lines the roads of the entire country with the bodies of a third of it’s population, enacting laws that anyone who wears eyeglasses be killed, marches people until they drop and lets them rot where they lie, and becomes a post-apocalyptic, stone age disaster within a few years. That doesn’t just suck, that is something people can’t publish pictures of because it is considered too shocking, even in our modern, jaded culture.

When was the last corporation responsible for a genocide? Umm…. I don’t think one ever was…

When was the last government responsible for a genocide? Well, only about half a decade ago. You have genocides that get a lot of press attention like in Bosnia or Rwanda, and those that are ignored, like the slow starvation of half of Zimbabwe today, or whomever dies in North Korea. Can anybody claim that ANY corporation has EVER been as blatantly hostile to man’s fundamental nature as the regime of North Korea? If all governments in the World were suddenly forced to run like the absolutely worst and most corrupt American corporations, the World would instantly enter into a utopian golden age of peace, prosperity and freedom!

The only way anyone can make a real equivalence argument between big business and big government is by adopting a completely relativistic viewpoint. It’s like saying that a 10 year old shoplifting bubblegum is “just as bad” as a mass murderer chopping up people’s bodies and burying them in his back yard. Sure they are both committing crimes, but how can you even make the comparison?

The tea party movement is against big government for another good reason; big business abuses are almost always the fault of government! A big business has only ever gained a near monopoly footing in any industry in America by virtue of the Government keeping out their competitors for them. Huge amounts of regulations across the board in the American economy punish small businesses far more than big ones, keeping the big ones in place because they can afford entire teams of lawyers to wade through the red tape. Government decisions to more closely regulate the financial sector came directly before an increase in the size of the top players and a decrease in the total number of players in the industry, and this is typical of any industry heavily regulated by the government.

We want better health care? It is the industry most heavily controlled by government in the country, and it is also home to some really big, lazy businesses that don’t have to compete. By some strange coincidence, every inefficient industry is also under heavy government regulation.

If you don’t do what McDonald’s wants, say by walking past and buying a whopper instead, McDonald’s does nothing. If you don’t pay your taxes, you are prosecuted by the government and can be thrown in jail. Can anybody really claim that a corporation is a better target for disenfranchised citizens than government? Progressives have been using “big business” as a scapegoat for all the evils of the World since the end of the 19th century. They trot out their tired old stereotypes every election cycle, talking about how “unfair” it is that CEOs don’t give all their money to people who didn’t work for it, and how everything would be better if nobody made a lot of money by building corporate empires. They do this despite benefitting every day from the creative genius behind corporate success. Corporations taking advantage of the microchip revolution have transformed all of our lives. If government had been “fairly” distributing that same technology, we would all be lining up in DMV-like offices even now to sign up to receive our very own DOS-based PC with a whole 800K of RAM. Don’t even pretend, you know that is how the government would dole out the benefits of the microchip revolution. For innumerable examples of this, read any good history of the USSR. In a World where rewards are shared equally no matter the effort, nobody puts out very much effort. In a World like that, technology stagnates, productivity drops, shortages develop, and millions of people suffer. Yet even now, after the collapse of the socialist systems only 15 years ago, voices call out loud and clear how “unfair” it is for somebody who works his ass off every day doing things you and I could never possibly do and had to compete viciously against thousands of other brilliant people to be in his (or her) position to have more money than you or I. They claim that money should be forcibly taken from those who produce it and given to those who don’t, and they make stupid articles about how the tea parties “should” be mad at big business and not the big government that corrupts them. Are these people serious? It would be funny if it were not so pathetic.


~ by Jubal Biggs on March 11, 2010.

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  2. Thunderous applause from this household!

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