There’s Going To Be A War

It’s not because of the “coarsening of the public debate”, it’s not because of the “intransigence of the right”, or the “extreme partisanship” in Washington, in fact those are all just symptoms. If the neosocs (that’s neo-Socialist) continue to insist on redefining human society and our place in it to fit the ideal of modern philosopher kings, there will be a war in the United States because there must.

I call it the divine spirit in man, that thing which drives him to do things of greatness. To overcome impossible odds, to demonstrate heroism , invent a way to go to the moon, beat back a million Persians with 300 men, kill a giant with a single stone, go from a log cabin to the White House. It is this spirit which has driven us to be more than we were born to be, to leave more to our children than we ourselves were left with, to Beat back nature when it threatens to destroy us. It is this that has given us the drive to explore the corners of our Earth, find the highest peak and place a foot on it, just to prove that it can be done. We want to know, somewhere inside us, that it can be done. It can be done.

This spirit is dangerous to those who do not remember, somewhere in their spirit, the greatness of man. To those who must crush this great spirit, because it is our genius, our divine nature, that has rolled back the frontiers. These people claim that all the great achievements of man are great crimes upon the Earth. All the things we used to be proud of are now marks of shame. We must be punished for our sins, that very spirit which has driven man to leave behind mud huts and embrace the terrible heights of a skyscraper is the thing that must be destroyed. These people think that any drive to greatness makes man impinge upon some other man, or some other animal, plant, or even the soil itself, all of which they hold in equal value. As long as this drive to greatness urges us forward to greater and finer things, “mother Earth” is endangered by our very will.

Inevitably there can be no true reconciliation between the idea that we are less valuable than the “rights” of a small fish in a creek and thus subject to tens of thousands of people being forced from their livelihoods and millions forced to find some other source of food than California’s valley, and those who value every human being. To value people means to respect them, that means you have to have a system that infringes on nobody’s right to live and earn a livelihood. You cannot think that a central government czar is smarter than the mere mortal he commands through regulation and thus has a right to command him, and still purport to value a free society. People with these views have begun to show their true colors, with articles like Thomas Friedman’s execrable ode to the Chinese autocratic system published in the New York Times. He repeats the argument of the fascist sympathizers in the USA during the 1920s and 1930s; that our system is too “slow” and engenders too much compromise for the modern, fast paced world. In order to “get things done” we must sacrifice freedom in order to ensure efficiency.

We are the greatest thing that ever was on this Earth. We are the United States of America. To think that we would be reduced to living on our knees, not by some invading force, but by the transparently absurd hysterical sermonizing of a few scientists with some faked data and our own fear is an abomination of the imagination. Yet that is a very real possibility.

Lincoln said that every generation has to renew the defense of our freedom or it will not continue. These last few generations have failed, we haven’t just dropped the ball, but we’ve kicked it down the field the wrong direction trying to go after it. Since our leaders have no political philosophy beyond expedience, we are left with hollow phrases of compromise and moderation that ultimately lead nowhere and leave us with no real choices. Yet there is a growing movement in our society to go back to freedom. To go back to the idea that I can decide what to do with what is mine, that I have an inalienable right to live as I will, so long as I do not harm others. Ideas established in our Declaration of Independence have sparked political revolution multiple times, and are doing so again.

Unfortunately, there really is no middle ground between someone who thinks that rights are inalienable, and someone who thinks government must “care” for me whether I want it or not, telling me what to do from cradle to grave. Any attempt to make society more “fair” by force, which, remember, is the only tool the government has, entails taking from some groups to give to others. We accept this like lemmings, but one has to wonder what the justification is for someone’s effort, time, blood sweat and tears being deemed sacrificable for the “greater good” as determined by an unelected bureaucrat a thousand miles away? By what right does my work belong to a man in Washington? By what right do I toil for the good of people whose only claim to my money is that they demand it? Senators practically spat in the floor of the chamber as they recently commented on the attempt by one of their own to impose “paygo” rules; they said it was “morally unacceptable” to freeze the outlay of unemployment checks that had been extended three or four times in the last two years. How is it morally unacceptable to ask a man to get off the dole after two years? How is it unacceptable to cut off the siphoning of money from those who manage to get by on their own to those who merely hold their hand out? What “morals” are those Senators talking about? Jesus praised charity, but he never said you belonged to anyone else, and could only dispose of your own goods by their sanction. In his parable of the workers in the field, the owner of the field ends it by saying “do I not have the right to do what I want with what is mine?”

If it isn’t based on a Christian sense of “charity”, then what is this moral stance of the outraged Senators based on? Efficient expediency? No, nations with cradle to grave welfare perform worse by objective standards to freer economies. There is nothing practical about extorting money from many Americans so some can live indefinitely on that extorted money without working. Does it help our economic situation? Obviously not. The stimulus, despite the rosy analysis of the OMB, with it’s decrepit, Keynesian models left over from the 1970s, is universally panned by any independent, non-government economic expert. Pulling money out of an economy to circulate amongst bureaucrats and finally allowing it to go back in through welfare does nothing for us. The law of conservation of energy states you cannot get more energy out of a machine than goes in, but will lose some energy through friction. We can’t get more stimulus out of the government than it takes out of us through taxes or inflation, and we will lose some money through the friction of politicoes corruption and paying bureaucrats.

No, the conflict is a fundamental one of ideology and it cannot be bridged. I think that there will be a political war between two conceptions of the United States; either it is something designed to guarantee the freedoms of the sovereign citizens within it, or it is a tool to be used by social-engineering technocrats to enforce “utopia” on us all. It cannot be both. We are today a mixed economy; half socialist-fascist (I say fascist because that is an economy where private ownership is retained but centralized control is enforced), and half free capitalist. To paraphrase a great man on the cusp of another political crisis; we cannot remain forever half economically enslaved and half free. Compromise, moderation, and discussion will not solve this. There can only be a fight for political control between those who represent freedom and those who represent control.

It may not be physical like the last such great question that had to be answered by this nation in the 1860s, but there is going to be a war…


~ by Jubal Biggs on March 3, 2010.

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