Dubai Is Run By Morons

We have been treated in the past few months to the spectacle of what happens when a hyper-egotistical little unimportant state flush with too much money and not nearly enough sense tries to build it’s way to first World status all in one or two years without the foundation of an educated populace or domestic industry to serve as foundation. The Burj Dubai was opened with tremendous fanfare, and soon had to temporarily close because it had been hastily thrown together and corners cut. An aquarium in Dubai sprang a leak and nearly drowned the foreign tourists who are supposed to be the cornerstone of the Dubai economy because it, too had been thrown up and corners cut. Of course, the financial meltdown of the physical incarnation of a “stock market bubble” that is Dubai last year should not have been a surprise to anyone who has been watching this ridiculous little state, but now, to put the cherry on top of the dessert, somebody has made a decision that is actually surprising in its idiocy.

Apparently, after the assassination of a top Hamas official in Dubai, that state has conducted an investigation, traced the killers back to Israel’s intelligence service, and -get this- will heretofore use “facial and voice profiling” to stop any Israelis from coming into Dubai on passports from third countries.

Ok, in case you didn’t instantly get the joke, let me bring you in on what the Dubai officials should already know if they were smart enough to use the internet. Other than the United States of America, Israel is probably THE most diverse nation on Earth. It seems that the brilliant Dubai officials, hoping to easily catch evil Jews by measuring the length of noses and looking under hats for concealed horns, have not figured out that Jews don’t all look the same. In fact, Israelis are short, dark, and skinny, tall, blond, and fine, tall, black and well-built, tall, white and of medium complexion, very short, very pale, medium and plump, and just about anything else you can imagine. How the hell Dubai security guards are going to use “facial profiling” to figure out the similarities between a Russian heritage Israeli immigrant with very pale skin and slavic features and an Ethiopian heritage Israeli immigrant with very dark skin and Nubian features is beyond me. I have personally met and interacted with Israelis of every conceivable description, and this doesn’t even cover the fact that there are a lot of loyal Israeli Arab citizens, many of whom serve in the IDF (and might conceivably therefore serve in Israeli intelligence services too)! What kind of profiling is going to screen somebody for being “Israeli”, since being Israeli is even more of a grab bag than being “Jewish”, which itself is an incredibly diverse looking category. Jews have lived on every continent, in every major civilization, spread around the globe for at least two thousand years. Let me put this simply; they DO NOT look the same. Beyond that, Dubai officials, who have in their extraordinary intelligence and foresight given us a total meltdown of their national debt basket and royally screwed a lot of people who had been investing in their country, don’t realize that there are lots of Israelis who aren’t Jewish and have no Jewish heritage either. That little nation is absolutely a melting pot of different languages, cultures, backgrounds, religions, and yes -races. The vast majority of the population are either immigrants or recently descended from them. Even the supposedly “native” Arabs of Palestine are largely descended from immigrants who came in large numbers from Egypt during the Palestinian economic boom of the late 19th century. There is probably no crossroads of cultures and languages in the World as diverse as Israel except the USA itself, and this is what Dubai security officials intend to screen by use of “facial and voice profiling”!

Maybe Dubai could get a clue here. Instead of continuing down a medieval path that sees the product of Western wealth -buildings, cars, electronics- as a goal, they could realize WHY the West has these things. Maybe they could realize that it has something to do with openness to other cultures, that the West is willing to trade, to learn from other people’s ideas, and will first build a factory and only THEN build a hundred story office building. Instead of banning all Israelis from their country, Dubai would do better to try to figure out how Israel is able to out compete Gulf states in many economic categories while having no real oil assets or valuable resources of any kind. If they actually had some kind of diplomatic relations with Israel, Israel probably would not have operated a hit in their country because there would have been a relationship to risk. They could have demanded extradition of the law breakers instead of starting a pointless and counter productive domestic witch hunt (sorry, I mean Jew hunt).

Dubai needs Israel. Israel has many times the entrepreneurs, many times the business start-ups, many times the number of college graduates, a fast growing, high-tech economy that actually builds things it can sell instead of converting oil and gas directly into palaces, lamborghinis, and really tall skyscrapers with nothing in them. Dubai pretends to be a major tourist destination but then proceeds to revert to a barbaric racially tinged witch hunt based on “facial profiling” -as if that is the way to attract tourists. Who wants to go to a country that might decide they have the “wrong face” and turn them away? Even the one industry they have made inroads into mastering -tourism- is threatened by their racist attitudes.

I could go on, but there is no point. I think it’s pretty clear right now that put simply, Dubai is run by morons.


~ by Jubal Biggs on March 2, 2010.

3 Responses to “Dubai Is Run By Morons”

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  2. I believe Dubai have messed up the investigation, completely over-reacted and now are going into public-relations territory they are ill prepared to enter. The cooperation they are getting from the Western countries is minimal, there are rumors that may be even Arab intelligence agencies were involved (if not agencies of non-Arab countries well), America/Russia/China don’t care, the assissinated Hamas person had himself entered with an illegal passport to buy weapons, and the only country which openly came in “support” for Dubai is Iran.

    So now they have a new tactic – they will ban all Israelis. That of course bags the question how they are going to recognize Israelis, all of which is taking Dubai into territory it really does not want to enter. For a country which thinks it can just buy everything one thing they did not learn how to do is to handle themselves.

  3. could not agree more. A country run by idiots with a god complex

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