Greens are Today’s Flat Earthers

There was a time when a consensus had established the Earth to be the center of the Solar System. The sun revolved around the Earth, the debate was over, it was like gravity, it was a fact. Indeed, the church wanted this position to be upheld because scientific evidence that Earth was NOT at the center of the solar system made senior leaders of the church uncomfortable about man being the preeminent creation.

If you disagreed with the church by trying to publish a scientific paper that claimed the Sun was in fact the center of our system, your paper would not be published. No printer would risk the wrath of the established orthodoxy. If by a miracle, it was published, then you would certainly be socially excoriated, and possibly prosecuted. Men were burned to death because they disagreed with the vast majority of scientists of their time (who were largely employed by the church) about a consensus held “fact”, that we are the center of this solar system.

Today, the scientists aren’t funded by the church, they are funded by the government. It’s pretty much the same thing, because by the Rennaisance, the Catholic Church was a lot more like a secular bureaucracy (like the EU) than it was like a church as we think of it today. Today the debate is over. Once again, just as then, the advance of scientific ideas, debate, throwing out old hypotheses that do not fit modern facts, has stopped. No, now we have a settled consensus that tell us the debate is over while they frantically try to avoid publishing papers from scientists who disagree with them.

Today, in a debate online between Sarah Palin, Al Gore, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, the term “greener than thou” came up. People genuflect automatically, reaching for the box that says “eco friendly” on it at the supermarket, agreeing that “doing something about the environment” is good. There is an existing scientific-government complex that makes billions of dollars a year on global warming (I mean “climate change”) because people today are just as superstitious as they were in the Rennaisance.A man in Texas hears about a big tornado and shakes his head. “I’ll bet it’s global warming” he says to himself. Of course it is. There had never been tornadoes in Texas before we all started driving cars you know. I mean, a tornado? In Texas? Had to be man’s doing.

Institutions like one department of NASA, funded by tax dollars, claims that climate change is man made. When asked to provide the research to public scrutiny, they delay and decline for three years, until people make a freedom of information act against them, and eeven then, it will go to the courts because the NASA department claims to be not accountable to the taxpayers who pay them. At the same time, in the same organization, NASA probes bring back data showing temperature fluctuations on most of the planets that we can observe in the solar system. The temperatures seemed to be climbing at about the same rate as ours, for about as long, and seem to have leveled off at the same time ours did. What a coincidence huh? Oh well, I guess man made global warming is “settled science” that we have to base our major economic decisions on. It’s a “consensus”, “the debate is over”. Yeah, those Martians are just using too many sport utility vehicles.

Whenever people try to end a debate by saying there is no debate, they are spitting in the face of the science they claim to represent. That is because the scientific method is all about questioning your assumptions. It is about throwing out hypotheses because they do not work. It is about debate and dissent and different ideas competing. If you declare that to be over because the research does not fit your philosophy, it is not a problem with the data, it is a problem with you.

Of course, as I said before, this is not new. There were scientists in the Renaissance and they did consider the church to be a reasonable patron to support their research. It was probably the largest patron of such research in the world at the time. The church sponsored research that led to all kinds of new developments and advances, but they also got caught when science and politics overlapped with the question of which object resides at the center of known space. Today, scientists who get their funding from politicians already wedded to the idea of man made global warming find that if the science doesn’t back up their patron’s existing beliefs, they have a problem. They could be out of a job, they had better start suppressing research and colluding to exclude dissent in the scientific community, and of course, that is precisely what they did.

Today, just as with the original skeptics of heliocentrism and the original flat Earthers, you can be persecuted for just questioning the prevailing scientific assumption. Ironically, those who claim to be the most open minded are usually those doing the persecuting, just as it was then. People who are professional, ultra secular, highly educated, “science friendly” will react to someone questioning them about the science of man made global warming like a medieval monk faced with an atheist. Don’t you dare question this man’s faith. He builds his life around it. He goes to activities where he can mingle with other worshipers, he constantly reinforces his belief with a closed system of eco people he talks to who never, ever question their assumptions, just as a religous cult never, ever questions theirs. And of course, he persecutes anyone who says something he does not want to hear.

Greens are today’s flat Earthers.

It’s not a coincidence that “greener than thou” has been added to our lexicon. Sarah Palin, whatever else she is, is a churchgoing woman. As such she recognizes the same close minded, smugly lecturing attitude in the greens that exists in some form in most churches. That is why the phrase is so appropriate.

I could go into discussion of the numerous ice ages and warming periods we had thousands of years before we ever invented the wheel, or the huge warming period of the late Middle Ages before we had any factories belching out emissions. I could talk about volcanoes erupting and dumping more CO2 into the air in a week than the human race does in ten years, but I will refrain. Facts do not matter. The debate is over. It’s settled science. There is a consensus. Oh, and… were did those emails go, we may have to delete a few…

“When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing — they believe in anything.”
— GK Chesterton


~ by Jubal Biggs on December 19, 2009.

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