No New Drugs Ever Again

As you read this, the US Senate is considering legislation that will create a national body that dominates the health care industry in America. This is something that is pretty likely to pass in some form, especially since Americans have been desensitized to handing over responsibility for their own lives in hopes of being given greater “security” in some area or other. (To quote a founding father; “Those who are willing to trade their freedom for security will lose both, and deserve it”).

We have “social security”, we have “homeland security”, why not medical security? Why not give up a few more freedoms in hopes of getting a free ride and not having to pay for any health care ever? It does sound tempting, right? Well, how about this; No New Drugs Ever Again.

Yes, you heard me right. I said, if America adopts a universal health care system, the entire human race will probably have to be happy with whatever pharmaceutical innovations we already have for the foreseeable future. Maybe a hundred years, maybe more.

You see, more than 90% of all new drugs are developed in the one technologically advanced, developed nation with a somewhat free market in medicine. By some strange coincidence, when Western European countries effectively nationalized their health care systems, controlling the wages doctors get, controlling the drugs that may and may not be boughtby the national health basket, controlling who gets what and when, all the companies that make new technologies in drugs and medical devices either died immediately, or moved to the USA. Strangely, the same thing happened in Japan. By some alignment of the constellations and odd cosmic forces, when Australia nationalized health care, it happened there too. South Korea, same story, Singapore, Canada, Mexico, Brazil… There is not a single modern, developed state with universal health care AND the ability to invent new drugs. IN fact, all of these states universal health care schemes rely on our FDA. Why? Because the FDA puts a stamp of approval on drugs developed in the USA, which is 90 percent of all new drugs on Earth. That means that most of these systems do not even have a way to test and independently verify the safety of experimental drugs. They simply do not need it. Having destroyed all innovation in a sector of the economy utterly dominated by government, they do not need to deal with the effects of innovation, like new inventions.

In the pursuit of “social justice”, these nations have given up on ever finding a cure for HIV or cancer. They do not care. They will never beat Parkinsons, they will never find a way to stitch nerves back together. These nations will never eradicate old killers like malaria or newer killers like AIDS. They are all patiently waiting for us, here in America, to do it for them, as they have been waiting with hands out for us to develop new drugs every year for the past generation.

Like mathematics, the outcome of universal health care is unchanging. It has been tried, like green eggs and ham, in every way you can think of. It has been tried on a boat, with a goat, in a barn, dangling by yarn… well, I won’t go on… The point is; every single variant of universal health care has already been experimented with that can be cooked up by innovative and creative humans, and every time, they say that this time, they will preserve the innovation and get the “social justice” too. Every time, they have failed. As I said, EVERY other modern democratic state has a system like this and does NOT have anything close to the invention and innovation that we do. Those “extra costs” harped about by those on the left are the costs of R&D for the entire human race, paid for by Americans, because we actually want to give our children longer life expectancy than ourselves.

Think about it. You can get your “free” health care, and see doctors turned into government employees with all the customer service, quality, and care for the individual that that entails, and you can never see the money that pays for your medical care because it is taken out of your check, or simply taken out of the value of your dollar as more inflation, so you can tell yourself it is “free”, but you will never get a cure for cancer. Make up your mind and write your Senator accordingly. If you think killing the last innovation on the planet is worth it, then support universal health care. If not, then tell your Senators that you actually do believe that we can build a better future for our children, and we are not limited to making do with only what we now have… forever.

Make up your mind, because the debate is almost over. You are just about out of time, and with so many other parts of our country already bureaucratized, you are running out of time on the whole “freedom” thing as well. You will not get another chance, so you better pay attention now. Freedom or security, which will it be?


~ by Jubal Biggs on December 17, 2009.

6 Responses to “No New Drugs Ever Again”

  1. Mazaticol is an anti-parkinson’s drug. Developed in Japan. Flutazolam is a sedative. Developed in Japan. Those took me 10 seconds to find online, so I’m sure there are more. Yes, most medical innovation takes place in the U.S., and the profit motive is part of that (although it’s actually government money that funds most labs working on the basic science), but you dramatically overstate the case. Moreover, nothing in the health care bills currently in Congress will actually take over the pharma industry or its for-profit status. Looking at the facts, your argument doesn’t carry a ton of weight.

    • I said in my column that 90% of all new drugs come from the USA; ergo, 10% do not. Thus; you found two drugs developed in Japan… brilliant! I am undone! You have singlehandedly proved…absolutely nothing! Good for you. Yes, my title is over the top, but losing 90% of your new drugs is NOT GOOD.
      As to your idiotic faith that pharm won’t be effected by the change; that is precisely what they SAID would happen in Australia. Of course they will be able to bureaucratically control the entire health care industry and not effect drugs, a subset of that industry. Why would I be stupid enough to think that controlling doctors (the people who PRESCRIBE drugs) through the government would have any effect on the drug companies just because IT HAS in EVERY OTHER DEMOCRATIC STATE ON EARTH? I am so sorry… after reading your genius comment, based on your expert and in depth knowledge of what is in those bills, I realize how wrong I was. Thank you for revealing some of your holy light to shine on my unworthy self.

      • Wow, your reliance on ad hominem attacks really helps make your case. There are plenty of legitimate concerns about health care reform, including its potential impact on drug and device development, but calling me an idiot, and by extension calling the folks who helped develop the current bills (like Zeke Emanuel) idiots also doesn’t help your cause. But perhaps an interchange of ideas is not your interest, in which case I apologize.

      • I never said you were an idiot (though if you want to admit to being one I won’t stop you), I think you write too well for that. I said your point was idiotic, which it is, because you didn’t make any.
        First you cited two drugs not developed in the USA, though I never said in the body of the article that no drugs are ever developed outside the USA, then you said what the bill would and would ot do even though you are talking to a former Congressional Staffer who knows 100% that you do NOT know what is actually in those bills unless you are actually on the staff of one of the House or Senate Democratic leaders, which I doubt. Finally, you have a very high regard for yourself (or perhaps low, depending on one’s perspective) by assuming that anyone calling your highness an idiot (which I didn’t) would be calling Zeke Emannuel an idiot too, because obviously, you are him, or something…? Yeah, whatever.
        Like I said before, try making a point that has something to do with a claim in the article, then maybe you wont go around feeling like people think you are an idiot…

  2. Good one, Mr. Biggs. Honestly I never even though of that angle. No kidding, EVER AGAIN… if and when America falls into 1000 years of dictatorship, one long never-ending status-quo, there won’t be ANY kind of new invention. The world will sink down into the morass of the Roman Empire and everything from medical to war technology will stagnate just like it always has in history. It cracks me up how people always think that “this time it will be different” when history never changes, and never lies.

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