Jimmy Carter Lectures On Iran

The title that says it all.

Yes, I thought it would never happen. Carter apparently has not a single modicum of decency, nor any appreciation of irony as he lectures a sitting President on what to do (or not to do) about Iran.

Hmm, does anybody remember 1979? It wasn’t exactly the kind of year that would give you a lot of faith in Jimmy Carter’s savvy when it comes to Iran. I admit, I cut him way too much slack talking about other areas of the Middle East with which he seems utterly out of touch, but I have to draw a line when Carter decides to lecture another President that he should not pressure Iran too much. You really can’t make this kind of stuff up.

People in Washington have been saying that Cheney has been coming out and talking a lot more than a former VP really should, and it is not helping the Republicans given Dick Cheney’s low approval numbers. I would point out that Carter has Cheney trumped big time. Obama needs Carter race baiting and now telling him all about how to deal with an Iranian problem that dates back to Carter’s own massive foreign policy blunder
with that state about as much as he needs an oil slick in the First Lady’s famous garden patch. Nice going Jimmy, did it ever occur to you that there just might be s couple subjects that people are not eagerly waiting with baited breath for you to expound upon?

In other news, the foreign policy platform of the Democratic majority in Congress and the White House seems to have come into focus.

Let’s look at the events of this week as an example;

In the run up to the meeting today between representatives from Iran and those of the United States, Britain, France, Germany, China and Russia in Geneva, Iran let it leak that they had another facility with more enriched uranium than previously known. Then, they spent the week doing a large number of missile tests, just so nobody missed the point. Sure, they might be just announcing the uranium to have something to give away in the negotiations, but after footage of Iranian security forces beating and killing their own people splashed all over the internet by grassroots, pro-democracy protesters, the White House agreeing to meet with them formally didn’t seem to be very in keeping with typical American foreign policy. Oh well, I guess they may be anti democracy, tyrannical monsters with a world wide terror network and soon to be nuclear capability, but they are our anti-democracy tyrannical monsters with a world wide terror network and soon to be nuclear capability, right Hillary?

Our President stood up for good old Manuel Zelaya, and sure enough, this week he returned to Honduras, holed up in the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa, obviously due to his great popularity as a man of the people. To celebrate the return of the man our President backed, constitutional freedoms have been “temporarily suspended” in Honduras. Aw shucks, that Zelaya, what a joker huh? Hey, he may be an anti-democratic, soft tyrant socialist but he is our anti-democratic soft tyrant socialist, right Obama?

This week as well, the Obama administration held talks with the Cuban government, meeting with Cuba’s Deputy Foreign Minister. I suppose Castro is now our Communist strongman.

Best of all, Kurt Campbell, our Assistant Secretary of State, met with U Thaung, Burma’s science minister in New York. Burma is the single most despicable regime on the planet from the perspective of human rights. They are perpetrating a planned genocide of ethnic minorities in their hinterlands, they have trained units of their military to use rape as a tactic against civilians, they have permanently ended all freedom of speech in their police state, and they are unapologetic about it. The only reason I call them Burma instead of Myanmar, as they would like to be called, is because the people who officially made that name change sicken me to the stomach to think about.

Hillary Clinton recently announced that we would respond to overtures from the Burmese Junta, and sure enough, they came knocking. Clinton apparently thinks that if we can provide the things that China is currently providing to them (which include the land mines they use against civilians in ethnic cleansing operations, just FYI), then they will give us access to “influence” and possibly a crack at their massive natural gas deposits.

Burma’s Junta may be a cabal of twisted, sadistic Orwellian fascists engaged in ethnic cleansing, but they are our twisted, sadistic, cabal of Orwellian fascists engaged in ethnic cleansing right Hillary?

Aren’t you glad the freedom loving Democrats are back in town with their starry-eyed
idealism about peace and democracy? Seems to me, the only foreign policy idealists left are Republicans nowadays. Things sure have changed since good old Jimmy was telling the Shah that the Ayatollahs were his problem, not ours.


~ by Jubal Biggs on October 2, 2009.

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