We Will Be Nuked

Years from now, after America has already been hit by a nuclear weapon, people will look back on us, those who were here and voting age in 2008 and wonder what collective insanity gripped us then, that the security of our nation was deemed unimportant enough to be thrown out the window in favor of “hope” and maybe a little “change”.

Kim Jong Il has your change for you, it was sitting on an exposed launchpad for over a week while the lilly-livered United States quibbled about how many Japanese or American civilians killed would warrant something other than a “strongly worded statement”, and whether this would stall our all important six party talks.

What amazed me was afterward; when an insane fascistic, megalomaniacal child had succeeded in delivering a payload that could just as easily have been nuclear, across the Pacific, our official government sources described the launch as a “failure”. It was a bizarre repeat of the way the Bush administration downplayed the “failed” nuclear weapons test carried out by the same state a few years previous. 

How much of a “failure” is it that this deeply disturbed child-leader can throw a fully functional nuclear device at will at our civilians and is stopped from doing so only by his own self-restraint? I would indeed call that a failure, but I would direct the criticism not at Pyongyang, which has played out a brilliant, canny, and fully insane game of nuclear brinkmanship for years, but our fearless leaders in the Pentagon and White House who keep giving us stupid drivel like calling these things “failures”, and then going back to the wonderfully successful policy of talking North Korea into a collective coma. 

I have ceased to be amazed at the platitudes our leaders feed us in order to keep us pacified while they endlessly negotiate with people who hold to no agreement and answer only to the voices in their heads. We talk with butchers, they use the time to build weapons of mass destruction, and we downplay the various nuclear device testings and missile launchings as “failures”. The result is inevitable. It is like that game where you sit around a cobra and try to throw stones into it’s coiled center without being bitten. It is only a matter of time before our insane game comes to an ugly end. It is, I have become certain, a matter of when, not if, we are successfully attacked with a nuclear weapon. 

Ironically, in an age where the various secret agencies in Washington are gearing up for “non conventional actors” and non-state threats, it probably wont be a terrorist gang that turns one of our cities to ash overnight, it will probably be a threat we have been “paying attention to” and dutifully “negotiating with” for years. It will have been hiding in plain sight. 

We have an entrenched beurocratic class who are paid to come up with stupid excuses to cover the butts of their superiors and smooth over little diplomatic snafus like, say, a rogue nation launching a ballistic missile at us. They are so good at their job that 9/11 was “unthinkable” and “impossible” only days before it actually happened. You know, if they committed half as much energy to doing something about our collective security as they do to downplaying the threats posed by a totally lunatic little man holding a nuclear trigger with the capability to threaten two or three of our Pacific states, we would probably be almost secure in this crazy world. 

Nevertheless, after hearing three administrations in a row; two Democrat and one Republican, downplay the dangers boiling out of East Asia, telling us that China is our friend, saying that North Korea has “failed” to develop anything threatening, I really have lost hope that anybody in Washington has a clue about our national security interests over there. Maybe it has to do with the Chinese Intelligence dollars spread around our political campaigns, or the Chinese Industrial dollars buying our bonds, but we are simply blind, and driving toward a very ugly wall. 

I wonder how the pentagon will call it a “failure” when the madman of Pyongyang puts his “failed” nuclear device on the end of his “failed” ballistic missile and vaporizes Honolulu. Maybe they will cheer and say that he failed because he was aiming for San Francisco. What a relief it will be to hear that.


~ by Jubal Biggs on April 5, 2009.

4 Responses to “We Will Be Nuked”

  1. I completely disagree. What makes you say that we will be nuked? Do you have proof at this moment that a foreign country such as North Korea is planning to attack us. Do you have any faith in the political system or our nation defense?


    • North Korea has missiles aimed at us, and now has the bomb. We cannot rely on Kim Jong Il to be rational, because, he has proven that he is not; which means that the entire edifice of MAD and deterrence theory falls apart because it relies on rational players on both sides who do not want to be destroyed.
      We play word games with North Korea and they laugh at us, we do the same with Iran, who every day chant “death to America” and make statements in public that they wouldn’t mind a return strike so long as they destroyed Israel, when speaking of a nuclear exchange. I likened this situation in my post to a game of throwing pebbles into the coils of a snake. Eventually, what is going to end that game? The result is only a matter of time.

  2. I dont think North Korea want to nuke us – they enjoy being a world stage drama queen – however I do worry about the loose cannons in Pakistan and the wild central asian frontier land

    • I hope you are right, but I just do not think that we can rely entirely on their love of drama for our security.

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